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Are you a small to medium sized business looking for a Hosted PBX Solution?

With local offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Compare Services Online is proud to offer Business VoiceEdge from Comcast. This flexible solution combines the advanced functionality of a hosted PBX system, along with Comcast Business Services, to create a small business phone system that’s both affordable and dependable.

Business VoiceEdge provides the user with a variety of customizable features at competitive rates. You can choose from Cloud-based hosted PBX services to find the perfect virtual PBX solution for your business. Since it is hosted in the cloud, businesses can preserve their capital, by using this virtual solution. Standard Business VoiceEdge service includes:

  • A 3-6 Digit Extension Number
  • Web Portal To Manage Services
  • Business Voice Continuity
  • Free On-Net Calling
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Waiting
  • Point-to-Point Video (requires a video enabled device)

In addition, by upgrading to Unified Communications, you can expand VoiceEdge’s features to include:

  • Business VoiceEdge Mobile Application
  • 1 Localized Phone Number
  • Voice Mail to Email Translation
  • Call Forwarding
  • Telephony Toolbar
  • Voice Mobility
  • Remote Officing
  • Music on Hold
  • Softphone

Business VoiceEdge also provides a variety of optional features that will improve your company’s internal communications, as well as allow you to provide exceptional service to your clients. Here are some additional features available through Business VoiceEdge:

  • Auto Attendant – This feature routes incoming calls, automatically, by allowing the caller to select the correct department, extension or person they need. The automated attendant feature can also be used, across the company, and linked together, depending on the call routing needs of the customer.
  • Additional Hunt Groups – This flexible feature allows for different routing options giving customers the ability to reach the appropriate Department, based on their topics of interest.
  • Call Queue Agent – This feature allows any business to designate any employee as an agent of a call group. The administrator can assign up to 25 employees, as agents agents within a call group.
  • Reception Console – This software-based tool allows the VoiceEdge administrator to manage call distribution throughout the company.
  • Additional Voicemail Boxes – The VoiceEdge administrator can designate additional voice mailboxes, within a group, to handle overflow calls. This feature allows inbound callers to leave a voicemail, when a live agents cannot answer their call.
  • Shared Call Appearance – This feature allows any employee to manage someone else’s phone, from their extension.
  • Busy Lamp Field – This feature allows internal employees to view the status of other employees’ phones, through a busy lamp field, on their device.
  • Professional Voice Recordings – Business VoiceEdge allows clients to record their own outbound greetings or to create a marketing-driven message, for callers who are placed on hold.

Having the right telecommunications services is critical to the long term success of any company. Business VoiceEdge™ is a highly flexible virtual solution, connecting remote offices together and providing a flexible and dependable solution, across the enterprise. It is the perfect solution for growing businesses that are looking for a powerful suite of services, at a competitive price.

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