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Could Cloud Faxing be a Solution for Your Company?

Have you ever spent the day trying to troubleshoot a problem with your fax machine? Maybe you really don’t receive that many faxes, anymore, at your company, but still want to provide a fax number? Cloud Based Faxing is the perfect solution for your business! Cloud Faxing is a cloud-based solution, where the provider has the fax servers located in a secure data facility. It makes faxing over the internet so much simpler than in days gone by.

With the popularity of scanners in both the home and business, the use of faxing has dramatically decreased, over the years. However, in certain industries, including automotive, financial and healthcare, to name a few, faxing is still a popular method of communication. If you want something that is dependable and can easily handle a large number of faxes, then cloud faxing is your best option.
Cloud Based Faxing Services include:

  • Direct Inward Dial – Each person gets their own fax number
  • Fax to Email Services
  • VoIP Cloud Faxing Center Solutions
  • Internet Faxing
  • Enterprise Internet Fax
  • Phone System Based Faxing

Additional Benefits of Cloud Faxing

  • Easy Configuration
    Configuring your cloud faxing services has never been so easy. A secure, web-based web portal is provided, offering the ultimate flexibility to your business.
  • No Upfront Costs
    Cloud faxing virtually eliminates your equipment costs, because there is no software or hardware to purchase and install. Cloud faxing also eliminates the costs associated with fax supplies, such as toner and paper, providing additional cost savings. Lastly, since there is no need for a separate ffax line, when you use cloud faxing, your telecom costs are decreased, as well. Cloud faxing also reduces power usage and allows your employees to be more productive, further increasing your company’s savings.
  • Unparalleled Reliability
    Since you no longer have to rely on fax machines to have paper and ink, cloud faxing is one of the most flexible faxing solutions, available. It is always online and always available, regardless of office supplies.
  • Mobile
    When you utilize cloud faxing, even mobile devices can receive and send faxes, from anywhere in the world, where the user has access to the Internet. This flexibility allows your workforce to be more efficient.
  • Secure
    Cloud faxing provides a safe and secure repository, for all of your inbound and outbound faxes. Your team can rest assured knowing that they will never lose an important fax, because they are backed up, securely, in the cloud.
  • Easily Expanded
    You can easily increase your cloud faxing usage, and even add unlimited users, through an easy to use web-based portal.
  • Cost-effective
    With cloud faxing, there are a number of different price models, so the best solution will depend on the volume of your faxing. One of our cloud faxing consultants can assess your current fax needs and recommend the best cloud faxing solution for your business.
  • Supports a Variety of Devices
    Our cloud faxing solutions allow you to send and receive faxes using any email software, up to and including browser-based email and even mobile phones.
  • Compliant & Secure
    Cloud faxing is, easily, one of the most dependable and secure technologies available, and is compliant with many regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley. Your staff can rest assured, knowing that important documents, such as legal notices, contracts, financial statements and health records are safe and, in the cloud.

With local offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Compare Services Online has been providing advanced telecommunications services, to businesses, since 2001. We invite you to use the form, on the right side of this page, to reach out to our consultants about cloud faxing. We’ll work with your company to recommend a solution that meets your needs now, as well as allows for future growth and flexibility.

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