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Conference Calling Reduces Costs and Keeps Your Team Connected

Whether you’re a small business, with only a few employees, or a large business, with locations across the country, conference calling allows you to communicate more effectively with your employees and customers, in real time.

Here are some of the many benefits of Conference Calling services:

  • Conference Calling is Very Cost-Effective
    Many times, conference calling companies extend a very low, flat monthly rate, so you’re never surprised with hidden fees. Conference calling services can be easily configured to meet the needs of your company, giving you access, for instance, to a local phone number, so that you do not incur toll charges. Lastly, corporate travel costs are reduced, significantly, by using conference calling services.
  • Conference Calling is Very Simple to Use
    Setting up a conference call is quick and easy. Within a matter of minutes, you can schedule a conference call that allows you to connect a specific group of users, on the same phone call, allowing for increased employee productivity, and collaboration. Conference calling also allows you to keep your clients informed about promotions, allowing them to ask important questions or provide valuable feedback, in real time. Lastly, significant advances in telecommunications has greatly improved voice quality on conference calls, regardless of how many participants are on the conference call.
  • Conference Calling Increases Employee Mobility
    Since a conference call can be accessed from any phone, from anywhere, your employees or customers can participate in the call, wherever they may be. In today’s competitive business environment, with many users traveling, regularly, conference calling is the optimal solution to keep in touch with today’s mobile workforce. Meetings no longer have to be postponed, because someone is stuck in an airport. With a mobile phone, mobile users can join your conference call, regardless of their location or circumstances, so important business is not delayed.
  • Conference Calling is Friendly to the Environment
    By using conference calling, instead of meetings that require travel, companies are able to minimize their carbon footprint, which results in positive changes for the environment. in addition, because conference calls are conducted over the phone, there is no wasted paper, which is often associated with a face-to-face meeting. For even greater flexibility, you can also record your conference calls, for future reference, if needed.

  • Conference Calling Enhance Decision-Making
    If you have customers or employees who are located across the country, conference calling is the perfect solution to gather feedback, before making important business decisions. Conference calling allows you to collaborate with your most trusted advisers, with little-to-no advance notice. A conference call can be scheduled, quickly and easily. This allows you to make faster decisions, and plan more informed strategies, based on real-time input and data.
  • Conference Calling is Very Reliable & Secure
    Conference Calling services can be utilized 24 hours a day, from any phone, and provide an exceptional quality of service, regardless of how many participants are on the call. Conference calling is also highly secure, requiring a passcode to enter the conference call, to ensure the confidentiality of private company communications. In addition, as soon as all of the conference calling attendees are on the call, the administrator can lock the conference, providing an extra layer of security.

With significant advancements in telecommunications and the popularity of VoIP services, more and more companies are realizing the strategic importance of conference calling, to make their enterprise successful. We invite you to use the form, on the right side of this page, to request more information. We would be delighted to work with you and evaluate how conference calling might benefit your company and your bottom line.

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