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Data Switches are becoming more important with the convergence of voice, internet and data.

With the an enormous popularity of VoIP, in business, data switches have become even more critical for a successful implementation of traffic routing. Compare Services Online can help in the ideployments of data switches, within your business, ensuring you have a dependable and cost-effective telecommunications solution.

There are many things to consider, when evaluating data switches for your business, but the most important factors are:

  • Quality of Service – QoS
    One of the most critical aspects of a data switch is Quality of Service (QoS). When your data switch provides quality of service, it basically allows voice packets to have a higher importance on your LAN (Local Area Network) than your data packets. This flexibility ensures you have a high-quality voice experience with your VoIP installation
  • PoE
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a term commonly used when the data switch also provides power to the phone equipment at each location. The advantage of having PoE ports on your data switch is so you do not have to provide a power brick for each location wwhere you have a handset. It is important to back up the switch, as well, to ensure uuninterrupted phone service, even if your business experiences a power outage.
  • VLAN
    While there is a great deal of technical information around the term VLAN or Virtual LAN, it really just means that it segregates your voice and data traffic on a data switch. The reason to do this is to help improve the quality of service and experience of your voice connections.

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