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Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan to protect your business’s sensitive information? If your business experienced a disaster, how much money will you lose, per hour, and how quickly will you be able to get your company back online? Many business owners do not think of a disaster recovery plan, until it’s too late,, and they have lost valuable time and money. When it comes to disaster recovery, it is imperative for today’s business owners to be proactive and have a plan in place, before disaster actually strikes.

While many businesses think of a natural disaster that could affect their business, such as inclement weather or fire, more often, than not, companies are becoming vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If your company’s data is breached, it could have a significant impact on your business, as well as your clients. We understand the necessity of having a disaster recovery plan and the damaging impact it can have without one.

Our Disaster Recovery Services include:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Database Backup Strategies
  • LAN – Local Area Networks
  • PBX Backup Strategies
  • Application Backup Strategies
  • Cold Spare PBX
  • Cold Spare Data Equipment
  • Disaster Recovery Consulting

Below are additional benefits of having an IT Disaster Recovery plan:

  • Equipment Failures
    No business is immune to having a computer failure or Internet connection issue. It can be costly for any business to try to eliminate all potential points of failure, within their local area network, but having a solid disaster recovery plan, is crucial, in the event that your network fails. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan will ensure that you do not lose data or business, in the event of an equipment failure or other catastrophe. One way to ensure that your business is not disrupted is to outsource part of your IT services to a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) managed data center.
  • Human Error
    Human beings are not infallible and often make simple mistakes. Even the most seasoned IT employees can forget an important process, or procedure, resulting in the loss of valuable data. Creating a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, that can perform a series of predetermined tasks, such as online backup, will allow your business to quickly restore data, without losing any important data, in the event of human mistake. As well, by deploying firewalls, comprehensive antivirus and anti-spyware software, you can rest assured that there will be no security breaches, in your LAN, such as a port being left open, that compromises your network.
  • Customers Expect More
    Competition, across the board, has caused companies to identify every weak link in their business, to ensure that they can provide the highest level of support to their customer base. For companies that store sensitive client data, such as credit card or account information, having an effective disaster recovery plan will ensure that your customers do not have a harrowing experience with your company. It’s vital not to give your clients a reason to leave your business, particularly if it could have been avoided with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.
  • It’s Cheaper to Keep a Customer than Create a New One
    Trying to woo back a customer, who exited after a breach in security, can be futile. It is difficult to earn your customer’s business, in the first place, but if they experience a data breach, while working with your business, you’re unlikely to ever get their business back. Their trust in your company will be gone. When it comes to avoidable IT disasters, customers have very little patience, understandably, and expect your company to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place, at all times.
  • Disasters Happen
    No business is immune to an IT disaster, but there are a multitude of things that your company can do to quickly recover from a breach or disaster. An ideal disaster recovery plan might relocate your production servers to a top-tier data center, at least 100 miles away, in the event of a severe natural disaster. This stopgap measure would ensure that your company’s data was protected, avoiding any downtime. Having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, in place, will put your business in a position to survive even the most unexpected IT disasters.

With local offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Compare Services Online has been providing effective solutions to our clients’ telecommunications needs. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies to develop IT Disaster Recovery plans that are both flexible and dependable. We invite you to use the form on the right side of this page to reach out to us today. We’ll work with you to design a disaster recovery plan that will meet your needs now, as well as provide for future growth and flexibility.

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