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If you need High Speed Internet Service, then Ethernet might be the answer for you

Ethernet Service is a High Speed Internet service that provide incredibly fast internet speeds, which can be attained oover a local network. If you already have or are switching to High Speed Internet Service, then Ethernet or gigabit Ethernet might be the next logical step for your business. Since Ethernet service can be deployed over coax or copper wiring, it is a readily available and affordable service. Ethernet is one of the most frequently-used LAN technologies in company networking, today.

The average Ethernet customer is located in a populated metro area, situated near a High Speed Internet Services Provider, that has fiber access and runs business applications at 10 Mbps or faster. Distance also plays a role in service availability, in order to utilize High Speed Internet Service. Another aspect to consider, with Ethernet Services, are the various types of service offerings that each carrier offers. Ethernet services offer higher-bandwidth, and are a lower-cost alternative to frame relay links, if you have several offices, and have high-bandwidth requirements.

Some of the many advantages of Ethernet Service include:

With the gigabyte standard, which transmits data across the network at 100 gigabits per second, Ethernet can now transmit data much faster than fiber, T1 and T3 lines.

Installation Simplicity
Ethernet cables are readily available, so it’s simple to purchase the required equipment and quickly install the cabling needed for ethernet. A router or hub, purchased from any computer equipment retailer, allows for Ethernet connectivity, right out of the box, so customers can set up the cabling quickly and easily, without any advanced network knowledge.

Locating the proper cabling used to be difficult, with some network solutions but, with Ethernet, you can locate a replacement at almost any computer retailer. Most computer retailers carry Ethernet network adapters, hubs and even routers that support the Ethernet standard.

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