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Would it nice to keep your Microsoft Exchange costs controlled better?

Hosted Exchange is a cloud solution, wherein Microsoft Exchange services are delivered through the cloud, so that your company can utilize the service, anywhere there’s an Internet connection. This allows your business to access many of the advanced features of hosted exchange, such as email services, shared calendars, address books and task management, throughout the company, for one low monthly fee. If you have a lot of employees, this can provide remarkable savings, because you can eliminate an outsourced IT company, to maintain your Microsoft exchange server.

If you’re not interested in a cloud-based hosted exchange solution, you can also implement a hosted exchange server. This option, typically part of an infrastructure as a service offering, allows you to get the equipment and create a personalized cloud, used solely by your business.

When you deploy a Hosted Exchange server, you can still access all of the directories, and other sections of the server, but you will not have to buy or maintain the server yourself. We offer several different Hosted Exchange solutions that can increase productivity, while enhancing your competitive advantage.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of utilizing Hosted Exchange:

  • Hosted Exchange Requires A Minimal Investment
    When your business deploys a hosted exchange solution, there’s no minimum usage fee and you are billed only for what you use, leaving the hardware service and maintenance to the hosted exchange service provider. Since usage from thousands of businesses, is aggregated, in the cloud, your team can rest assured that your company is getting significant value, while reducing your company’s overhead costs, by utilizing hosted exchange.
  • Hosted Exchange Is Infinitely Scalable
    Hosted exchange gives you the ability to add virtual machines, in a matter of minutes, providing the ultimate in reliability and scalability. By deploying cloud computing, with hosted exchange, you’re not pigeonholed with a poorly constructed solution that won’t meet your needs. Hosted exchange is a flexible alternative and is a dependable solution for your business.
  • Hosted Exchange Is Quick & Easy to Deploy
    Hosted exchange allows your business to add additional users, without waiting for hardware to arrive and be installed, by a service technician. With hosted exchange, it is always available, delivered through the cloud, and can be quickly scaled and administered, to meet the current needs of your business.
  • Hosted Exchange Is Secure & Compliant
    Because hosted exchange provides advanced security features, such as encrypted data storage and multifactor authentication, you can be confident that your company’s data is safe and secure, in the cloud. Hosted exchange provides a level of security that is highly dependable.

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