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Infrastructure as a Service can save your company time and money.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has become one of the most popular ways for businesses, in every industry, to effectively manage their IT environment, in the cloud. IaaS provides companies with the ability to lease their IT infrastructure from an IaaS service provider, rather than buying equipment and hosting it within their offices.

Infrastructure as a Service allows your business to select an operating system and install applications onto their servers, but it’s the responsibility of the IaaS provider to keep the equipment secure and well-maintained, in their off-site, secure data facility. Infrastructure as a Service could also include Co-location, servers, hardware, storage, desktop virtualization, and internet services, all accessed through the cloud.

There are numerous benefits to using Infrastructure as a Service, to include:

  • Getting Started With IaaS Is Easy
    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers already have a secure computing environment in place, allowing businesses to quickly and easily get their computing infrastructure up and running, in the cloud.
  • With IaaS, All you need is an Internet Connection
    When you deploy Infrastructure as a Service, all of your business’s computing takes place in the cloud. That means that every employee of your company has secure and encrypted access to your proprietary files, anywhere there is an Internet connection. For mobile employees, this is one of the most important feature of IaaS.
  • IaaS Is Highly Secure
    Since Infrastructure as a Service vendors host computing systems for multiple businesses, security is given top priority. There are multiple levels of protection and security, ensuring that your company’s information is not compromised.
  • No Capital Investments
    By using the secure off-site data center, owned by the Infrastructure as a Service vendor, there is no need to invest in costly computer equipment, such as servers, storage and network devices. As well, maintenance of all equipment is provided by the Infrastructure as a Service provider, and is built into their cost model. Finally, Infrastructure as a Service allows you to pay only for your actual usage, and scale your usage up or down, as needed.
  • IaaS Is Easily Expandable
    By deploying the Infrastructure as a Service provider’s network and capacity, business owners can easily expand their usage, making it incredibly flexible. This is certainly useful for organizations that may be seasonal, or who may experience significant growth, in a short period of time. Infrastructure as a Service can be expanded or downsized, depending on your business’s needs.
  • IaaS Offers Flexible Configuration
    Keeping up with the perpetually changing requirements, in an IT environment, is difficult, and no two companies are alike. By using Infrastructure as a Service, businesses can choose the storage capacity they need and computing requirements that best fits their company’s needs, at any given time.
  • IaaS Allows You To Focus on Your Business
    When you use an Infrastructure as a Service provider, you have access to a large team of experienced IT professionals, without having them on your payroll. There’s no need for a dedicated IT staff, to maintain complicated computer systems, because maintenance and upkeep of the equipment is provided by the Infrastructure as a Service provider, through the cloud. This allows your team to focus on what day do best: increasing sales.
  • IaaS Is An Advanced Technology
    In order to meet the IT needs of thousands of customers, Infrastructure as a Service providers offer the most dependable and robust computer networks available. Because this is the sole focus of their company, Infrastructure as a Service providers can offer more advanced technologies and features than the typical business can afford to purchase and maintain on their own.

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