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Controlling Long Distance Charges Is One of Our Greatest Strengths

Since 2001, Compare Services Online has been a dependable leader in the long distance service industry, not just in St. Louis, Missouri, but across the country. We are seasons experts at locating the best long distance rates for our clients and creating solutions that meet our customers needs, based upon their long distance volume and long distance calling patterns.

Because of our relationships with a large number of long distance carriers, we’re able to provide you with the lowest possible rates on your company’s long distance services. It is imperative to work with a partner who can watch out for your best interest and ensure you are on the best rate possible, based upon your individualized needs.

Long Distance Bill Auditing

Ensuring that you have the best long distance rate is one matter, but recent studies indicate that telecommunications invoices are often inaccurate, and that by simply identifying these long distance service billing errors, customers can save an average of 20%. As a telecom partner with our clients, we can help you analyze your long distance bills, identify unnecessary fees and even locate errors in billing by conducting a thorough audit. We’ll even work with you to get a reimbursement from your telecommunications provider, if applicable.

If you’re interested in spending the least amount of money for the best long distance service possible, Compare Services Online can help. We invite you to use the form, on the right side of this page, to find out how a long-distance service review and audit can benefit your business.

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