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We Help Our Clients Implement Reliable Network Security Strategies

At Compare Services Online, we work closely with our customers to identify effective network security solutions, which can be integrated with their existing topography, providing a secure data environment for both customers and employees. Our experienced consultants will work with your business to integrate your company’s security solutions into your current IT and telecommunications topography, providing the most secure solution available.

We consistently develop network security solutions that protect your data, your network and your employees from continually-evolving threats that could disrupt your ability to conduct business. Our comprehensive selection of network security solutions offers an end-to-end network solution that protects your ccompany’s valuable data. Some of our network security solutions include:

  • Internet Routers and Firewalls
    Internet routers and firewalls protect the integrity of your company’s network and allows only traffic with the predetermined IP address and Internet protocol to receive or send the data, through your network. Internet routers and firewalls offer an advanced filtering mechanism to reject any unauthorized traffic that attempts to violate your network permissions.
  • Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS)
    While Internet firewalls offer an acceptable level of data protection, they may sometimes, inadvertently, allow data through the firewall that contains malicious code. In that instance, a well-designed IPS or intrusion protection system can offer an additional level of network packet examination, quickly isolating and removing the threat, before it becomes a larger issue.
  • Traffic Shaping Devices
    By deploying a traffic shaping device, IT managers can easily classify network traffic, assigning levels of priority, based upon the importance to the company, protecting data distribution across the local area network. In addition to blocking or permitting various network packets, a dependable traffic shaping device can also ensure adequate bandwidth for high priority applications, such as voice calls.
  • IP Cameras
    Because IP cameras have become so cost-effective and simple to install, they have become incredibly popular, with businesses, of all sizes. IP Cameras send and receive data, over over a LAN or WAN, and can be easily accessed, anywhere in the world, over the Internet. IP cameras offer an extra level of network security, and have become an important part of many IT networks, particularly if a business has the need to remotely monitor multiple locations. IP cameras offer an ideal solution, giving businesses the ability to maximize employee resources, while minimizing costs.

With local offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Compare Services Online has been providing effective solutions to our clients’ telecommunications needs. We invite you to use the form, on the right side of this page, to find out more about network security solutions from Compare Services Online and how they can benefit your business.

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